Bridal Makeup for every Singaporean Bride - Natural Look

Like silent fairies that flutter around in the still of the night, our makeup artists begin their magic - creating beautiful looks while the world remains in peaceful slumber.

Welcome to 2AM Makeup

You might be a little curious about our brand name - no it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start your makeup at 2am, although that was exactly one of the first few bridal assignment timings we got when Founder / Principal Artist Jenny Goh first started more than 12 years ago.

It was no easy feat. Receiving a 2am assignment essentially meant that the makeup artist has to be awake at least an hour and a half before and make




her way down to the bride’s house. At that very assignment, travelling down in the still of the night to work her magic - that was the beginning of Jenny’s commitment to the craft.

12 years on, we rebranded from Chi Chi Allure to 2AM Makeup studio as a way of honouring our humble beginnings, and to serve as a reminder of the commitment we have made to serve our brides.


Jenny Goh | Founder of @2am.makeupstudio @palettepro_sg @studiofusesg

Jenny Goh


With 12 years of experience under her belt, Jenny is a veteran makeup artist whose name is widely recognised and respected in the bridal makeup industry. Trained in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, Jenny is also one of the first bridal makeup artists in Singapore to become a certified Colour Analysis and Image Consultant. With her unique blend of expertise, brides have the added advantage of having a makeup artist who truly understands what colours suit their skin tone and complement their choice of outfits.

Miko | Senior Bridal Makeup Artist | 2AM Makeup



Trained in Taiwan and Singapore, Miko has over a decade of experience as a bridal makeup artist. Originally based in Taiwan, her career took flight there before relocating to Singapore with her family. Miko has a gentle and cheerful demeanour and she specialises in natural makeup, giving brides that glow that enhances their features. She has a knack of creating very natural and yet polished looks, so that brides still feel like themselves on their most important day.


Words of affirmation

Jenny was super attentive to every single feedback given, no matter how big or small and that truly shined through as each makeup done was more beautiful than the last.

The makeup done during the trial session was already very good, yet I was even more impressed seeing the AD morning makeup and was absolutely stunned at the end-result of the AD evening makeup. How Jenny manages to out-do herself time after time is a testament to her years of building this skill and expertise.

Jasmine Ang

I engaged Jenny for both my pre-wedding shoot

as well as my actual wedding day, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! She was extremely thoughtful and friendly, and even went out of her way to help my husband and I as we toiled around our PWS.

She takes time to understand our preferences, and ensured that both of us looked perfect and glamorous at all times 

(eg. doing minor touch up for both of us as we started sweating)

Rebecca Tan


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